My First Book as a Ghostwriter

What’s it About?

Tammy Bergstrom
6 min readMar 2, 2022


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A couple of months ago a friend of mine called excitedly.

“I decided I’m going to write a book this year! I know you’ve been doing this kind of stuff and I was wondering if you could help me with it?”

I was blown away. I had delved into the world of content writing this past year and really liked it. But I’d never even attempted to write a book before. Regardless, it didn’t take me long to say, “Of course! I’d love to help!”

And we were off to the races…

My friend is an Emergency Room nurse and has been for the past 12 years. She worked through the COVID pandemic, catching it 3 times herself and becoming a long hauler, with long-term symptoms she still deals with to this day. She’s seen all kinds of bloody gory situations and has saved many lives. She’s also seen a lot of deaths. Her experiences have culminated in a strong desire to get her story out into the world.

But her book is not just about her stories. The book is meant to awaken and educate people about why and how as individuals we need to look out for ourselves in our medical system. She has been witness to so many medical errors, many resulting in death. She’s seen medical negligence, one such instance resulting in the preventable death of her father. And she has seen how too often patients’ trust in the medical system and lack of education about healthcare can result in tragic situations.

Learn to be your own health advocate. This is her message. Too often do patients get denied the care they need. Too often do patients not take responsibility for their own lives by educating themselves and being prepared. Too often do insurance companies deny claims to save money for their shareholders. Too often do people die needlessly because of our exclusive medical system.

This book presents the problems woven throughout our medical system and how we as consumers need to navigate this system to get the care we need. We go over which questions to ask, which diagnostic tests to demand, how to talk to your doctor in a way that commands respect, how to deal with a denied insurance claim to increase your chances of getting it paid, and a heck of a lot more — including Traci’s personal stories of tragedy and triumph in…



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